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September Entry

Are you experiencing hyperpigmentation after a summer in the sun? LCI recommends turning to Vivier. Vivier has a number of products, perfect for reducing dark spots - check out what this customer has to say: “I have used other systems with Hydroquinone but nothing has worked as well. I’ve had no peeling or irritation and the most amazing part is Continue Reading... Read more


     LCI Medi Spa Ottawa is proud to offer the CHANV product line. Created in 2004 in Mauricie, Quebec, CHANV’s main ingredient is Hemp Oil which comes from plants and seed grown and processed by experts. They are known to operate the only cold-pressed oil press in Quebec.

There are many benefits in Cosmetics, as to why using Hemp Continue Reading... Read more

What is Spider Vein Removal?

Legs are a common source of insecurity for many bodies. Spider veins do not help this embarrassment. These small but noticeable veins snake along the surface of our skin and draw your eyes' attention every time you look in the mirror. Luckily, spider vein removal treatments are available to diminish the appearance of these bulging blood vessels. The LCI team Continue Reading... Read more

Mom Vacation: Why Moms Need More Trips To the Spa

Dear moms,

Is your patience slipping? Are your emotions running high? Do you just need some alone time? If yes to some or all of the above, ou may be in need of a Mom Vacation.

With the constant hustle and bustle of today’s life, you might find it difficult to find the time to do things for yourself. We Continue Reading... Read more

Top 7 Beauty and Grooming Tips for Winter

Winter may be a time for cozy sweaters and tall boots, but it also can be a season for static-charged hair and dry skin. Upon the arrival of cold weather, women and men may have to make some changes to their beauty or grooming routines to survive the chilly temperatures. We've put together the top 7 beauty and grooming tips Continue Reading... Read more

How to Maintain Your Pedicure

The feeling after getting a pedicure is one of the best: your feet are looking fresh and polished, and you are feeling confident and beautiful. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to maintain this look and feeling for Continue Reading... Read more

2018 Beauty Trends

'New Year, New Me'..sound familiar? We all tend to make resolutions, but it's the follow through and execution that seems to always be the problem. Take the pressure off yourself by focusing on small things to improve, and cross each thing off the list once complete. You'll be able to live a more stress free life, and can avoid frown Continue Reading... Read more