Laser Hair Removal

Imagine your lifestyle after permanent hair removal – no more razor burns, ingrown hairs, or stubble. Laser hair removal is an alternative to shaving as well as waxing and can save time and money for anyone who shaves often. Face, underarms, bikini, legs, areola, linea, back, and chest are areas commonly chosen areas for laser hair removal.

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Comfortable Treatments by Experts

The LCI clinic uses the Lumenis LightSheer™ Desire diode laser and the Candela GentleYAG™ Nd:YAG laser, both certified by Health Canada and the FDA. With these laser sytems, we can treat all skin types and most hair types. We also use a triple-cooling system that makes your treatment more comfortable. For your safety, our technicians undergo the most extensive training program in the industry.

Before your laser treatment, a cooling compress or gentle cool air is applied on the area to be  treated. During the treatment, the laser handpiece is gently pressed on the skin, and a beam of energy is released. To assure your comfort, a cool compress or cool air is applied to the area once again, along with a soothing Aloe gel.

Permanent hair removal can be achieved with 6 to 8 treatments for women, and 8 to 10 treatments for men, but results will vary between individuals. Visit our Laser Hair Removal FAQs page to learn more.

The LCI team has been providing laser hair removal since 1997.  For a safe and affordable means of permanent hair removal, choose laser hair removal treatment from the experts at LCI. Contact us for a free consultation and patch test today.

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