Microdermabrasion is a clinically-tested, highly effective method for reducing imperfections on the surface of the skin. This treatment has been used for years to diminish fine lines, acne, scars, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. Microderm is a quick and easy way to improve your complexion.

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Improve skin tone and texture

Microdermabrasion is suitable for most skin types, and can be done on areas of the body such as face, neck, hands, forearms, shoulders, and décolletage. During treatment, a diamond tip remove the dead outer layer of skin with a light suction. This stimulates cell renewal, allowing the skin to heal itself. Flaws such as scarring, brown spots, and acne fade. Microdermabrasion improves your skin tone and texture, giving you a younger, healthier look.

Before the treatment session, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and dried. The light suction stimulates circulation while the diamond tip remove a thin layer of dead cells from the dermis, leaving your skin renewed and vibrant. There is no expected down time and you can resume your daily activities after a brief treatment. Regular microdermabrasion also enhances the results of IPL photorejuvenation. Ask how you can get more out of your advanced skin treatments with our monthly specials and home care products. Learn more on our FAQs page.

For a quick and painless way to repair your skin and brighten your complexion, try microdermabrasion. Call or email us for a consultation.

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