How to Maintain Your Pedicure

How to Maintain Your Pedicure

The feeling after getting a pedicure is one of the best: your feet are looking fresh and polished, and you are feeling confident and beautiful. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to maintain this look and feeling for weeks after getting a pedicure? Follow these easy steps to maintain your salon-fresh look and to keep feeling toe-tally awesome.

Cover up. The less time your feet are exposed to the elements, the less the risk of your polish getting scratched and chipped, and of your feet becoming rough and worn. We know you’ll want to show off your picture perfect toes, but save it for a party in some open-toed heels and put on your fuzzy socks at home in the meantime.

Moisturize. Keep your feet feeling smooth, fresh and unde-feet-able by consistently applying moisturizer. Moisturizing lotion keeps your skin hydrated and your cuticles soft. Try to avoid scented lotions, as synthetic fragrances can cause your polish to crack. Keep it smooth and scent-free.

Stay Dry. It’s best to avoid water in the first 12 hours after your pedicure, as it can take a long time for your polish to both dry and harden. In the coming weeks, limit the amount of time you spend dipping your toes in the pool. Chlorine can crack your nail polish and dry out your skin. Spend less time in the water and more time poolside, cooling down with an icy drink.

Put a Coat On. At the salon, your nail stylist uses a top coat over your colour - a clear polish that gives your toenails the glossy fresh look. This protective layer can greatly extend the lifespan of your nail polish and keep your toes looking shiny and new. Apply a top coat on your own every couple of days after your pedicure to maintain the salon-fresh look.

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