2018 Beauty Trends

2018 Beauty Trends

'New Year, New Me'..sound familiar? We all tend to make resolutions, but it's the follow through and execution that seems to always be the problem. Take the pressure off yourself by focusing on small things to improve, and cross each thing off the list once complete. You'll be able to live a more stress free life, and can avoid frown lines on the skin.

Speaking of skin and beauty, a new year represents different trends and ideas as to what can be helpful in order to achieve a healthier glow. Here are some of the items on the list:

'Treating your body as you would your face
Body skincare will become as important as skincare for the face,” predicts GP and skin specialist, Dr Anita Sturnham. Expect to see – and actually use – cleansers, serums and acid exfoliators for the body, in addition to moisturisers with SPF. Consider it the Brazilian approach to anti-ageing; they tend to beautify the body’s largest organ from top-to-toe.

Gender neutral beauty
While it may be all about you, it’s not necessarily all about your sex in 2018 as the growing conversations on gender impacts all areas of beauty. The coolest beauty brands on the block are too concerned with performance to worry about whether they’re for guys or girls.' (Bridget March, harpersbazaar.com)

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