Essential Bridal Makeup Tips for Your Big Day

Essential Bridal Makeup Tips for Your Big Day

Weddings are all about the bride. Her hair, her dress, her shoes - she is the centre of everyone’s attention. So when thinking about how you want to look on your big day, be sure to consider your wedding day makeup. How will it look in pictures? What best expresses who you are? There is a lot to think about and we want to help!

Here are a few tips to follow to help you look glowing and beautiful all day long on the best day of your life!

Long Lasting. From walking down the aisle to dancing the night away, you need your makeup to keep up with you. Long-lasting lip colours and setting sprays are your best friends on your wedding day. Keep your makeup looking picture-perfect from dusk ‘til dawn (and don’t risk kissing your lipstick off onto your partner).

Climate. Are you having a destination beach wedding? Are you getting married in the summer heat? Be sure to consider how the climate will affect your makeup. No bride wants to look shiny in all of her photos or have the makeup sweat right off of her face. Speak to your makeup artist about the location and time of your wedding, and the products that will be right for you.

Waterproof. Weddings are an exciting and emotional time, for everyone involved. So whether you’re overcome by the sight of your husband or crying over dropped cake, waterproof makeup is a safe bet. Opt for waterproof eyeliner, mascara, shadow, brows and even under-eye concealer on your big day.

Touch Ups. After countless kisses, sips, bites, and hugs, your makeup might suffer some wear and tear. Enroll a trusty bridesmaid to keep some extra makeup on hand for any touch ups you may need throughout the day. Don’t forget oil-absorbing sheets to blot away any shine, as reapplying foundation or powders can look 'cakey' and heavy.

Be Yourself. The best advice we can give for your wedding day is to just be yourself and have fun! So if a bold red lip or a smokey eye is your signature look, rock it on your big day. Don’t feel any pressure to follow the latest trend or the advice of your mother-in-law, whatever most feels and looks like you is the best way to go.

Makeup Artist. Just like you vetted your partner and tested a few before you found the perfect one, the same should go for your makeup artist. If you are entrusting your face with a professional for your wedding day, make sure to do your research. Look through their portfolios, seek recommendations, and find the makeup artist that fully understands your vision, your style and your personality.

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