Spring Cleansing: Cold Weather Skin Care Transition

Spring Cleansing: Cold Weather Skin Care Transition


It's finally Spring, which means a few things: the days are longer, the weather is warmer (or is supposed to be) and generally moods are better among people. When it comes to your skin, the arrival of a new season also means that your maintenance regimen may need some alteration based on the consideration of new elements and temperatures.

Here are some great ways to get your skin looking and feeling it's best for Spring.

Regular exfoliation is recommended to rid skin of dead cells and uncover its natural radiance — and it’s never more necessary than at the end of the winter months. Normal skin types should look for an exfoliant with an enzyme base or jojoba beads, which will be gentle on skin. Oily skin types will benefit from a charcoal exfoliant because it will naturally soak up excess oil, and dry types should opt for something with a moisturizing base, like honey, and a creamy formulation.

Change Your Moisturizer
Winter and its dry winds call for a thick moisturizer to coat and infuse the skin with hydration. But the heat and humidity that spring and summer bring call for a lighter formulation. Use a moisturizer that has the same ingredients as your winter cream — because you know these ingredients work for you and they’re like a base for your skin — but look for a fluid formula that’s lighter with built-in SPF for sun protection.

Discard Old Products
a spring-cleaning of all your beauty products at the beginning of the season would be a good idea. Look at the bottom of jars, which will usually have a small icon of an open container with a number next to it. That number — typically 6, 12 or 24 — indicates the product’s best before date in months from the time of opening it. (Marilisa Racco, National Online Journalist, Smart Living, globalnews.ca)"

Make sure to schedule a complimentary skin assessment so we can help you achieve your best skin for the Spring season, and beyond!

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