New Season, New You: The Importance of Regular Facials

New Season, New You: The Importance of Regular Facials

LCI Ottawa - New Season - New You - Importance of facials

Spring is a time for rejuvenation and regrowth. In the season where everything is new, fresh starts and new outlooks are imminent. One way revitalize yourself this spring is to start a self-care practice to ensure good health both physically and mentally. A great way to take care of yourself is to invest in your skin by getting regular facials.

Debunking the Myth Behind Regular Facials

Much like a manicure or a pedicure, a facial might seem like an unnecessary luxury, a treat, or a “want” not a “need.” While facials can be pricey, it is crucial to look at regular facials as an investment in your skin’s health.

Just as we brush our teeth and wash our hair to get rid of the remnants of the day, we need to work to keep our skin clean. While washing our faces daily does help to eliminate some of the dirt and dead skin accumulated in the day, sometimes it is not enough. We regularly visit the dentist for a cleaning and the hairdresser for a trim, so why not devote time to maintaining your skin with a facial?

We are here to debunk the myth: regular facials are not an act of pampering but rather, an important step for your overall health.

Regular Facials Are the Answer To These Concerns

How To Save Money on Procedures: Adopt regular facials into your lifestyle now and reap the benefits in the future. If you take care of your skin with facials now it will save you money on expensive skin enhancing procedures and injections in the future.

How To Save Money on Makeup: Facials increase the quality of your skin. Better-looking skin means you will use less makeup. Regular facials also help to even out the surface of the skin through exfoliation and moisturizing, which means less makeup is needed to cover the surface of your skin.

How To Relax: While we now agree that regular facials are important for overall health, we can also agree that facials are a great way to relax. Most facials include a facial massage, which promotes relaxation, releases tension and helps to drain the lymphatic system. Facial massages promote circulation and flush out toxins too!

Life is busy; take time out of your day for self-care. At LCI Medispa, all of our facial treatments are 60 minutes long, except for our Express Facials which are 30 minutes. Schedule out these precious minutes just for you to really find that state of relaxation.

How To Revive Skin: Exfoliation is an important part in the regular facial experience. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin and promotes the growth of new, healthy cells.

LCI’s Facial Services

LCI Medispa offers a wide variety of regular facials that benefit any client. Our regular facial services include:

  • Express Teen Facial
  • Express Custom Facial
  • Vivier Custom Facial
  • Vivier Vitaminin C Facial
  • Medique Acne Facial
  • Sensitive Skin Facial
  • Anti-Aging Facial

For more information on our facials, visit our website or give us a call at 613-828-8946.

Start your spring renewal by adopting a lifestyle of regular facials. Your skin and your mind will thank you!