Benefits of Dry Brushing

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Keeping skin looking beautiful is no easy task, but by being consistent with specific methods it gets easier to maintain your glow.

Dry brushing is an effective way to help make any skin treatment that much more effective. Here are some of the ways in which dry brushing can be beneficial and the ways in which to do it. "The best time of day to dry brush is in the morning before you shower to help energize the system and wake up your body and mind. 'Start at the bottom of the feet and move up to your legs in an upward motion [if cellulite is of concern, give that area a little extra love],' says celebrity esthetician Gina Mari. Once you reach the stomach, start moving the brush in a circular motion. Next, brush your arms moving toward your chest and onto your chest in a circular motion. You can also brush your neck area starting in the back and moving forward.

Brush firmly in long strokes with the brush flat on your skin. You may want to soothe your skin by stroking over it with your hand as the brush can leave a tingling sensation — be careful, however, not to put too much pressure on the brush; you should never feel pain as that will cause breakage and/or redness. Note it’s important not to dry brush in the shower or when skin is damp as this can damage the bristles of the brush."

The best way to learn more about dry brushing and the best type of treatments for your particular skin type is to consult with your Ottawa skin care specialist.

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